OEMs and Auto Dealers have a lot to think about when it comes to online reputation management. With Ramadan offers being announced all across the region, consumers are confused regarding which car to buy. 

 A friend called me to ask  which car should she buy when most cars in a segment are priced the same, have similar features and almost match each other’s offers. Quite honestly, I was confused myself with which car to recommend to her. The next thing she did was ‘Googled’ the brand and the models she was interested in and that’s when it was very clear to her on what she should be buying. How? Thanks to online reviews, social media feedback, forum entries and blogs.
If you’re one of those who wasn’t picked by my friend, it’s time to simple ‘Google’ yourself. In addition to user feedback on your own social media channels, it’s paramount for you to know what customers are saying about you on your own Google Business page, forums, blogs and third-party car buying portals.
Online Reputation Car BrandAll of these platforms are an active component of consumer perception and OEMs and Auto Dealers can reap a lot of rewards by simply flipping through the huge amount of brand and product feedback available online and addressing issues that are hurting sales and damaging brand image.
Along with addressing these customer complaints internally, its essential to openly respond to customers whenever possible on the platforms they have used. This will not only help build transparency but also portray that the brand truly cares about its customers.
Finding out what is being said about you isn’t phoney, it’s clever. Market research shows that over 70 percent car buyers in the UAE and neighbouring countries start the car-buying process online, but that doesn’t mean they’re only looking at a dealership’s website, they’re looking everywhere. 
Investing in online listening tools and team members that take control of your digital presence is a good first step. In a world where information travels literally at the speed of light, this could be a make or break factor for OEMs and Auto Dealers to survive the connected shopper era.