Rolls-Royce built the limited edition Ghost to commemorate its namesake that the company built way back in 1907. The new Silver Ghost uses actual silver in a lot of places and is, if possible, even more luxurious than the car it is based on.

The Silver Ghost is limited to just 35 examples and is built as a homage to the 1907 Silver Ghost that traveled 23,127 km at a stretch without any significant mechanical issues. This kind of feat was incredible more than a hundred years ago. Rolls-Royce says it incorporated visual elements from the original Silver Ghost into the new one. Which means a silver paint finish with a hand-painted coachline that takes eight hours to apply and contains pure, fine silver particles. The Spirit of Ecstasy ornament on the hood is wholly silver with a hammered-copper hallmark at its base. The hallmark is stamped AX-201 harking back to the original Silver Ghost’s registration plate. Copper was also extensively used in the maiden Silver Ghost’s engine bay, which Rolls-Royce wants to subtly show off with the tiny badge.

The hallmark at the base of the Spirit of Ecstacy showcases the original Silver Ghost’s registration plates.

The protruding grille is blacked out and has an inset grille, and the car also features redesigned wheels. The chrome wheel surrounds are engraved with the “Silver Ghost – Since 1907” phrase. Inside, the upholstery is the most prominent feature. Tastefully finished in Forest Green leather, it echoes the first Silver Ghost’s interiors. Rolls-Royce has also added open-pore Tudor Oak trim with silver inlays throughout the cabin. The Silver Ghost limited edition badges find their way on to the dashboard clock, door jambs, as well as the handle of the signature pop-out umbrella. The limited edition Silver Ghost boasts of improved sound deadening with the addition of special acoustic glass.

Even the pop-out umbrella was not left out of special-edition badging.

The design and personalisation are where the inspirations end. The 1907 Silver Ghost had a 7-liter six-cylinder engine that was designated 40/50 hp in terms of power output. The Silver Ghost of today sports a slightly smaller 6.6-liter V12 which makes more than ten times the power of the 1907 model. The V12 is rated at 562 hp and 780Nm, and is one of the most silently operating big engines in existence. The 1907 Silver Ghost was adjudged the ‘Best Car In The World’ upon its launch. While the new Ghost is not the best car (The Phantom sits above it), it definitely comes close to providing the experience the Silver Ghost did 110 years ago, albeit at a higher, richer level.