Gargash Motors, Dubai’s exclusive dealer for Alfa Romeo, today showcased the brand-new 4C Spider Italia at its Sheikh Zayed Road dealership.

The Alfa Romeo 4C has been a global hit owing to its captivating design, exciting performance thanks to a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, and exotic materials used in its construction. One might think the car just cannot look any better. Well, Alfa Romeo is here to prove you wrong with the drop-top 4C Spider Italia.

Only 108 units of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia will ever be produced. Gargash Motors, whose dealership is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, today showcased the fourth 4C Spider Italia of the total units to be produced. The Spider #004 is in a rich, deep blue livery with a dark interior. It received unanimous adulation upon its unveiling at the Dubai dealership, which goes to show just how skilled Alfa Romeo’s designers are. It essentially portrays what a sports car should be: Light, powerful, and achingly beautiful. So much so that it looks even more exotic than bigger cars out of its league.

The two-seater drop-top roadster is Alfa Romeo’s take on a simple, puristic sports coupe. It features a transverse mid-mounted engine that sends power to the rear wheels. The all-aluminium 1.75-litre four-cylinder motor produces 237hp and 350Nm of twist. While the spec-sheet doesn’t sound too exotic for a car that looks as gorgeous as the 4C Spider Italia, the car still rockets to the ton in 4.5 seconds, topping out at 258kph. It manages this kind of performance out of such a small motor with the help of its extremely light footprint.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia uses a monocoque carbon fibre tub around which the rest of the car is built. The tub brings down the kerb weight of the Spider to a mere 940kg. Amazing? Of course it is. What is even more mind-boggling is that the entire chassis weighs just 65kg. Now you can begin to see why the 4C is such a legend, and the 4C Spider Italia even more so.

The #004 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia is on display at Gargash Motors, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. It was unveiled today amidst a massive gathering of Alfa Romeo patrons, owners, and aficionados, the biggest of its kind in the Middle East. Here are more pictures of the gorgeous Italian roadster.