Ram’s new midsize pickup which is quite far off from production, for now, will be a body-on-frame truck according to Automotive News. Supplier sources claim the smaller Ram will be built at the same Toledo plant that produces the JL-generation Wrangler.

The Toledo machining plant will also produce the upcoming Jeep Wrangler-based pickup. Ram has been beating about the bush when it comes to its midsize pickup, neither confirming nor denying whether it will enter production or not. The company has finally declared that it would indeed manufacture the pickup while elaborating on its five-year plan a few months back. At the time, rumors were floating around that the truck would be built in a facility in Mexico, with a unibody construction finalised for the model.

Ram has been taking quite a lot of time to come up with an offering in the midsize pickup segment. Ford already sells the new Ranger series in this segment. Chevrolet has its Colorado and Canyon twins, while Toyota markets its excellent Tacoma in the same space. Ram could try using the name ‘Dakota’ to boost sales, but it seems like the company’s product will be the last to the party. Jeep has already been spotted testing the Scrambler pickup in multiple variants with a launch slated for later this year. One of the mules was spotted attempting the Rubicon Trail, pointing to the fact that it already has hardcore versions under development.

Automotive News’ report predicts that Ram could launch the midsize pickup as a 2021 model, going on sale sometime in 2020. Back in June this year, FCA further delayed the truck saying it would be a 2022 model instead. By then, Ford and Volkswagen’s jointly-produced Ranger and Amarok pickups will also be ready for the roads, making things more difficult for the American pickup manufacturer.

It will be interesting to see how the Ram story unfolds leading to its release four years later.