Police departments across UAE are currently studying a proposal to unify speed limits and margins across the roads of UAE.

At the Dubai Police Officers Club, a meeting was held last Thursday for discussing the issue of imposing unified speed limits and buffers across all roads of UAE. Presiding over the meet was Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of Federal Traffic Council along with directors of Traffic Departments in the UAE. Also present were representatives of relevant government departments and bodies in the traffic and roads divisions. The discussion centered around having similar speed limits and speed buffers on all roads in the country or canceling the buffers outright.

“We discussed the issue of having a speed limit on all roads in the UAE and cancellation of speed margins in the UAE. We decided to give this matter more time for further detailed and comprehensive consideration, in order to identify how much it helps reduce traffic accidents,” said Major General Al Zafein while talking about the meeting.

For instance, Dubai has a speed margin of 20kph on all roads while Abu Dhabi removed the margin on August 12 this year. The new speed limits do not include the speed buffer, meaning if a road has a limit of 80kph, drivers can no longer have a margin up to 100kph. Motorists caught on radar doing even 81kph are now fined. In a statement preceding the recent meeting, Major General Mohammad Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, said that a thorough study was undertaken before deciding to implement the new regulations to improve road safety standards.

Traffic mortalities are down by eight percent, and the Traffic Council wants to further lower the rate through the new proposal. Image: Arabian Business

The council tabled last Thursday reviewed and amended the clauses of a number of articles in the Federal Traffic Law. Discussions were also held over some of the provisions and definitions related to the law alongside a number of topics concerning the Traffic Death Index across the nation. members of the council were also briefed on the road traffic mortality index in the UAE, which showed an eight-percent decline in the death rate from January to August 26 this year, along with the most common causes of traffic deaths in the UAE.

Major General Al Zafein hailed the efforts undertaken by traffic and patrols directorates in the UAE to maintain road discipline and security. “This is considered to be the main goal for traffic and patrols directorates. Combining our efforts will reduce traffic deaths,” he commented. He also brought to focus the importance of raising awareness by ensuring traffic safety, thus reducing traffic accidents and mortalities that result of them.

The traffic council also suggested a new project to install a monitoring device inside the cars of young drivers who have recently obtained driving licences. The project suggested to install the monitor in the cars for a period of two years starting from the date of the drivers acquiring their licence.

Featured Image: Martin Alva