Toyota’s Gazoo Racing sub-brand is ready to expand following the recent trademarks it filed for use across Europe. The trademarks are for a GR-badged version of the GT86 and Yaris.

If the trademarks point to performance variants of the two cars, the limited-edition GRMN Yaris will be followed by a more mainstream hot hatch offering as well as a more hardcore version of the GT86 coupe, both tuned by Gazoo Racing. These trademarks lay bare Toyota’s aim to spread the influence of its Gazoo Racing division. The sub-brand is currently busy turning up the heat on the upcoming Supra.

The limited-edition GRMN Yaris will spawn a milder version that takes after the former’s styling cues.

Also in the works is a GR Sport-badged lukewarm Yaris hatch fitted with styling elements that take after the limited-run GRMN hot hatch version. It is almost certain that Gazoo Racing would bump up the power output of the Supra and the GRMN Yaris. The warm Yaris would be slightly tamer than its 209hp, 250Nm limited-edition sibling.

At the end of the current GT86’s life cycle, Toyota will launch the GR-badged variant. If the Japanese automaker follows a seven-year life cycle for its models, the GR version could be introduced in the second-generation GT86, which would be due soon. The Gazoo Racing derivative would help the Toyota differentiate itself from the mechanically identical Subaru BRZ produced in a joint venture between the two brands.

Toyota previewed what the next-generation GT86 could look like with a Gazoo Racing influence in the GR HV concept revealed at the 2017 Toky Motor Show. The Japanese business giant also showed a hypercar concept wearing a GR badge: The Gazoo GR Super Sport, which could show off its racing prowess after the introduction of the Le Mans hypercar class.

Gazoo Racing’s hypercar concept will enter motorsports after Le Mans introduces a hypercar class in the race.

Toyota was unavailable for comment regarding the trademarks.

Images Credit: Autocar