Volkswagen has teamed up with key suppliers in the global automotive industry in an effort to advance the self-driven car technology. The NAV Alliance seeks to address every issue and problem associated with autonomous cars.

In the world of autonomous car development, not all details are glamorous, but they still require proper attention to be executed in the right manner. The NAV (Networking for Autonomous Vehicles) Alliance is an endeavor in that very direction, with Volkswagen teaming up with Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, and NVidia. The goal of the NAV Alliance is to iron out the kinks in the more complex backend technology that its necessary to bring autonomous cars into the mainstream market. Eventually, the NAV  Alliance aims to bring more manufacturers and suppliers into the fold.

The current members of the NAV Alliance are working in collaboration to fast-pace the development of autonomous vehicles.

The primary target for the alliance is standardization. Multiple companies coming up with the same technology in parallel is ultimately a waste of resources, whether financial or otherwise. Why not collaborate and reap the rewards together? To that end, the alliance is pooling resources to develop all the necessary tech for autonomous vehicles. The most significant piece of tech the team intends to standardize is the high bandwidth data transfer that driverless cars need to process from their banks of sensors. Aquantia specialises in that kind of connectivity. Autonomous vehicles need to process data that runs into dozens of terabytes in just a day of driving, and Aquantia can help streamline the load.

In addition to standardizing networking, the NAV Alliance also aims to create common procedures and requirements for autonomous vehicle systems in terms of security and overall reliability. Additionally, the goal is also to introduce the public to the new-age driverless car and remove their apprehensions surrounding the technology.

Viktor Molnar, Senior Vice President, Body-Electronics Division of Bosch said in a statement, “Together with our alliance partners, we are therefore contributing to the creation of a standardized network that is safe, reliable and redundant, and helping bring autonomous driving to our roads.”

Images: NAV Alliance