There’s no better way to experience a performance car than to push it to its limits on a race track. Abu Dhabi Motors seem to be privy to this fact for a while and thanks to yet another brilliantly organised track experience day, us journalists got a first-hand experience of what the entire M range is capable of.

With everything from the M2 to the X6 M available for the drive, it’s quite simple to see why the M cars have such a strong following. A session like this where you drive these cars back to back also helps highlight quite clearly what sets each M car apart.

Performance is standard, no matter which M you drive. However, with the M4 and the M3 making their presence felt, the rest of the line-up fades away a bit. With the M5, it’s pretty much game over. It’s personifies the saying ‘bringing a machine gun to a stick fight.’

Kudos to the team at Abu Dhabi Motors for taking the initiative to educate and allow existing customers, potential customers and the members of the media to experience these machines in their natural habitat.

What’s more, there were also the M Performance versions of 2 Series, 3 Series and the 5 Series available for a spin. While these aren’t bona fide M cars, they certainly get most of the treatment that you’d expect of a high-performance car. With performance suspensions, sporty exterior and tuned engines worked on by the M division, these are lovely compromises if the M versions are a bit extreme or expensive for your taste.

If I had to pick one, it’ll be the M 2 Competition for sure…