Dubai-based ride-hailing service Careem is keen to expand its fleet of electric vehicles across the countries in which it operates according to a senior executive in the firm.

The ride-hailing company instantly recognized by its fleet of turquoise cars announced the addition of electric vehicles for the first time in Dubai to its fleet in June this year. Tesla Model S is the car chosen to be pressed into duty and Careem could charge a minimum of AED 60 in line with its current business rates. Careem is offering this service in partnership with ION, which is itself a joint venture between Crescent Enterprises and Bee’ah, Middle East’s leading and award-winning environmental management company.

Currently, Careem operates in more than 120 cities spread over 14 countries ranging from North Africa to Pakistan. In most of the locations, the firm is the leader in ride-hailing services. Khaled Nuseibeh, a general manager at Careem for operations and customer experience in the GCC region addressed a startup gathering in Bahrain that the company is taking steps to adopt a sustainable, environmentally-friendly option of transportation.

Careem had announced the addition of Tesla Model S cars to its fleet back in June this year.

Nuseibeh also said that Careem’s recent decision to add electric cars to its fleet within the UAE will be replicated in “other markets where Careem operates”. He declined to shed light on any more details in this regard. The company has been rapidly expanding its presence and scale of operations in the Middle East.

A little more than a year ago in May 2017, the firm had set up operations in Muscat. However, the government of Oman asked Careem to reconsider its operating model and focus initially on working with licensed taxis. This led to the firm putting its Omani operations on hold. Careem has resumed its services in Oman as of now in partnership with Marhaba Taxi.

The ride-hailing firm’s decision to include, and expand the number of, electric cars as part of its fleet aligns perfectly with Dubai government’s sustainable mobility initiative. The aim of the partnership with ION is to accelerate the achievement of a zero-emissions transport network in the UAE followed by a wider region, by employing a sustainable approach to commercial transportation. To that end, expect to see a lot of turquoise Tesla Model S cars plying the streets of Dubai in the near future.

Featured Image Credit: Bee’ah