General Motors seems to have put its decade-old scuffle with the state of California to rest after teaming up with the state authorities to tout electric vehicles.

GM has now become a part of a coalition of utilities, environmental groups and others working with the California Air Resources Board on an advertising campaign boosting public awareness of EVs.

The $4million dollar campaign comes as the auto giant is planning a surge in its EV line-up in the coming years. Complementing GM’s future plans, the state of California has also outlined plans of putting about 5 million EVs on the road by 2030.

Reports suggest that nearly half of the money that has been utilised for the campaign has come from Volkswagen’s fines after it was involved in the infamous dieselgate scandal. Meanwhile, the rest is from General Motors, Southern California Edison Co., Uber Technologies Inc. and others.

In 2001, GM had sued the state of California over a mandate that required automakers to sell thousands of electric vehicles in the state. However, recent actions by the company suggest that it has been adopting a more genial tact. Evidently, the company has now joined with other automakers in order to push the US government to negotiate with the state of California over emission standards while supporting the state’s effort to boost EV sales with charging stations.