Hyundai Motor Co has named William Lee as its new President and CEO of the American wing.

The executive change was announced by the company a day after William Lee’s predecessor, Kenny Lee stepped down from the position on Monday. Kenny Lee had taken over the lead role about a year ago and has stepped down to return to Korea in an advisory role.

Hyundai states that William Lee has been serving the company for about 35 years and is currently appointed as an interim leader to fill the power vacuum. A search for a permanent president and CEO will begin immediately.

In the same breath, Hyundai stated that the revamp will allow for an “efficient and effective operational integration between the North America and U.S. operations.”

William Lee recently took over the newly established Hyundai Motor North America which holds great ambitions for the company and is expected to provide “greater integration across the entire region to actively respond to evolving market trends and customer needs.”

As a part of his experience in serving the company, William Lee has headed Hyundai Motor Brazil and also let international sales at Hyundai Motor Co. in Seoul. In the US, William Lee has led the creation of an ad agency Innocean USA in 2009 and managed overseas sales for Hyundai Mobis Parts, headquartered in San Fransico.