Close to 18,000 Jeep Wranglers are expected to be recalled by Fiat Chrysler over faulty welding issue in the frame that can cause a sudden crash.

The company confirmed the recall with a dealer notice that was posted on Wrangler’s owner’s forum. The affected Wranglers, according to the company, have a faulty weld on the front track bar, which keeps the axles centred. This may lead to the separation of the front track bar from the frame, interfering with the steering.

According to the company, no accidents or injuries have been reported so far, and that the affected models consist of about 4 per cent of the total vehicles.

The Wrangler is one of the most popular models of the American company which has pushed significant benchmarks in the off-terrain segment of vehicles. The company stunned the market a few months back after it announced a hybrid variant of the off-road supremo in the near future.

Apart from the electric variant, the company has also slated a Wrangler-based pickup that is scheduled for 2019.

Reports suggest that some of the defective models have not been sold yet and that the respective dealers have been informed to halt sales of the recalled vehicles until they are inspected and repaired if needed.