Morgan of England is working on an all-new high-performance sports car flagship that will reinforce its reputation for classic design while allowing it to move on a couple of decades, into an era of cars like the Jaguar E-Type.

The new Morgan will be made in both coupe and roadster versions. The firm has researched into its future to ascertain what a traditionally inclined 109-year-old company would do next without jeopardizing its successful classic model lineup. The new car is being developed in-house by design and engineering teams that number a many as 30. The team was recruited as a result of recent, well-targeted investments.

The outgoing Morgan Aero will make way for the new coupe the British firm is currently developing.

The new flagship will, of course, be handmade. Assuming the form of a two-door, two-seat coupe, it will be designed with the language of the 1920s in mind. Morgan will reportedly price it around the level of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The coupe will use a new architecture with a classic Morgan front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout and offer compact dimensions and low weight as has been the firm’s tradition. However, it will still use the latest in chassis and powertrain engineering.

Managing Director of Morgan Steve Morris said the new flagship shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for the Aero or Plus 8 models. It is actually an early result of several years’ research into how the company can go about shaping its future. He went on to say that the new chassis is the first tangible sign of this, being similar in weight and dimensions to the Aero’s underpinnings but twice as stiff. It can also provide comfortable driving for both bigger and smaller people than existing Morgan models. That has led to its internal description as “the wide-bodied car”.

Design chief Jon Wells said shaping the new Morgan requires integrating traditional Morgan values into a new look that moves forward in period era. “Our task is to take the charm of classic motoring and make it relevant,” he said, “so that it can be respected and desired as a good piece of modern design.”

The new team at the facility hard at work constructing early prototypes of the new two-seat coupe.