Nissan Middle East has just launched the 2019 Patrol Gazelle and Falcon editions packed full of serious off-roading kit. The company’s regional department built the three versions of the SUV based on the Y61 platform.

The Nissan Patrol has been one of the most favorite SUVs of UAE due to its unquestionable off-road prowess and reliability. Nissan Middle East developed the Patrol Gazelle specifically for the UAE, coming up with two versions. The Patrol Gazelle can be yours for AED 224,000 the manual transmission-equipped variant and AED 229,000 for the automatic trim. For the more serious off-road enthusiasts, the Gazelle-X comes with overlanding capabilities and a price tag of AED 300,000. The Patrol Falcon is a more luxurious, urban take on the iconic 4×4 SUV.

2019 Nissan Patrol Falcon
The Nissan Patrol Falcon receives ‘Falcon’ badging on the seats, luxury extras inside, and tasteful black alloys and subtle decals on the outside.

Of the three versions, the Nissan Patrol Gazelle-X is the hardier with substantially updated kit both inside and outside.  Cosmetically, it gets tan leather upholstery and a bunch of Gazelle logos peppered around its body and cabin. Inside, retractable drawers have been provided that stock tow ropes, ramps, a dual air compressor with digital control, and other odds and ends.

A four-inch lift kit immeasurably ups the Patrol Gazelle-X’s off-roading capability, imparting it a maximum water wading depth of 1,500mm. An air snorkel, 17-inch wheels with 12-inch wide knobby tyres, and new differentials up front as well as out back help the Gazelle-X get out of sticky situations easily. To give you a little perspective, a Range Rover can only ford a maximum depth of 900m.

2019 Nissan Patrol Gazelle
The Patrol Gazelle gets a lift kit, exclusive ‘Gazelle’ badging all over, and a set of decals that speak of the SUV’s ties to the desert.

Nissan has given a lot of thought to the SUV’s development, including protection for when it is taken to the wadis for proper off-roading. Skid plates, beefy bumpers, LED light bar, flared fenders, electric winch- the Gazelle-X is more than ready for whatever you can throw at it. Talking about the introduction of the special editions, President of Nissan Middle East and regional Vice President for Marketing and Sales Kalyana Sivagnanam said:  “The Middle East inspired the very creation of the Patrol Safari range, and it has an enduring popularity in the region, amongst Gulf nationals and expats alike. The highly encouraging year-on-year sales figures are testament to the car’s status as an inseparable part of the social and cultural fabric of the Middle East.

“At Nissan we understand the importance of the Patrol Safari to the people of the Gulf, and in response to popular demand, we have launched these three editions that are exclusive to the region. We are confident that the launch of the Patrol Falcon, Gazelle, and Gazelle X will further cement the car’s status as the all-conquering, off-roading vehicle of choice for desert-lovers in the Middle East.”

With the launch of the three versions, Nissan has cemented the SUV’s place in the UAE among the most preferred vehicles for off-roading, dune bashing, as well as extreme overland adventures.

2019 Nisan Patrol Gazelle X
The Nissan Patrol Gazelle-X is an outright overland adventure machine, complete with luggage solutions, winch, snorkel, a four-inch lift kit, loud graphics, and an assortment of necessary gear for those long-distance trips over varied terrain.

Featured Image: GDN Online