The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), at the 38th Gitex Technology Week, introduced Mahboub- a smart robot that will soon commence inspection of vehicles across the emirate.

The robot which is currently in its initial stages will be first deployed at petrol stations and other public locations that easy to access for motorists.

Jamal Al Sa’adah, Director of RTA’s Vehicle Licensing department, said: “In the first phase, we will install these robots at petrol stations so that people can use them to detect faults in their cars and prevent going through potential breakdowns. Mahboub will also save people from having to go to workshops and garages to check faults in their vehicles.”

A vehicle is inspected through a multi-step process which begins by the motorists selecting the fault reading service, after which they will be prompted to make a payment via debit/credit card. After the payment is processed, the motorists will be required to connect the dongle from the robot to their vehicles for diagnostic purposes.

After the diagnosis is complete, the motorist is required to put the dongle back inside the robot which will analyse the data collected from the vehicle. The motorist will then receive a detailed report of their car through the email address that they provided during the process.

Depending on the success of the first phase, RTA stated that it had plans of using such robots for an annual inspection of vehicles.