The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai will award people cash prizes to the tune of AED 100,000 to mark Public Transportation Day on November 1.

Chairman of the organizing committee of RTA’s Public Transportation Day events as well as CEO f the Public Transport Agency, Ahmed Bahrozyan commented on the undertaking, saying: “Five users of public transport (one of them from the People of Determination) will be selected as winners of prizes amounting to AED 100,000.”

He further added,  “Using public transport means in Dubai during the lead-up of the campaign starting on October 22 and continuing up to November 1 will earn triple the loyalty points of Nol Plus. This boosts the chances of winning cash prizes and rewards.”

A lot of people stand to win prizes and incentives, with some even landing a tour of the Etihad Museum post a free metro ride.

An additional five people, all of which will be employees of the RTA, will be given prizes worth AED 50,000. People ‘with determination’ will be transported from Rashidiya Metro Station to Jafiliya Metro Station an onwards to Dubai’s Etihad Museum, where they will be given a free tour.

Bahrozyan said that the RTA is attempting to gather the “largest possible number of multinational riders comprising the biggest number of nationalities” at the Etisalat Metro Station to break a Guinness World Record.

Other activities are also planned for the Public Transport Day, including the distribution of Nol cards to 100 tourists to allow them to enter Dubai. A luggage handling firm, Moving Hands Free Dubz will transport the tourists’ luggage for them. There will also be an online video challenge for university students and a ‘matching halves’ contest in which participants must find someone in possession of the second half of the image on a Nol card.