Volkswagen and its global supplier for driver assist tech Mobileye have now signed a new partnership, focusing on the deployment of self-driving vehicles.

Reports suggest that the executives of the two companies announced their joint venture on Monday where they unveiled their plans to launch an autonomous ride-hailing service in Israel commencing in early 2019. The service is set to begin with the testing phase after which it will gradually be shifted towards a commercial usage in 2022.

By that point, “there will be several dozen vehicles deployed and we will quickly scale to hundreds of vehicles as the geography of the program expands,” a Mobileye spokesperson said.

Automakers tying up with tech companies to commence their own commercial deployment of autonomous vehicles are no news. With the new tie-up, Volkswagen will be listed among the other auto giants which are headed the same way. In late September, BMW extended its collaboration towards Mobileye and other auto manufacturers such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Magna International to develop a new self-driving platform for the entire auto industry by 2021.

The primary goal for the collaboration was to develop a scalable system which can offer all various stages of autonomy depending on the usage to the highest, Level 5.