The scientist-turned-entrepreneur that came up with the battery tech that is now utilised by chemical giants such as BASF and Johnson Matthey has now introduced a new invention, one that he claims will boost electric car performance in the upcoming years.

The 77-year-old Kenan Sahin stated that this latest innovation minimalizes the use of cobalt, a key element in battery and make use of it only in the most critical areas calling for lower costs.

Cobalt has seen a surge in price in the past couple of years due to its growing demand in the EV sector. Christened as the GEMX, Sahin’s new creation is applicable in several nickel-based power packs and has been granted patents in the US., European Union, China and Japan.

“We’re hoping we will get this into the hands of the major producers,” Sahin told Automotive News in a phone interview. The new tech can reduce the application of cobalt in manufacture to 4 percent as against the current 20 percent in some.

In the current market scenario, Congo serves to be the top miner for Cobalt. However, the mining only poses a greater threat to the war-torn country which has seen an exponential surge in child labour to work in the mines. This is also a hindrance for leading auto manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc.