Stringent emission norms around the world have pushed a majority of the automakers off the ledge of electrification. While many of us still might feel that the internal combustion engine is better at getting the job done, the governments don’t feel the same. Hence, to develop electric vehicles that inch the closest to the combustion engines in terms of convenience and availability, automakers around the world are now mobilising their research teams to come up with the best alternatives.

In one such attempt, Chines media reported about Qing Tao Energy Development Co, a startup out hailing from China which has deployed a solid-state battery production line in Kunchan, East China. The reports state that the current production capacity of the line 100MWh per year — which is planned to increase to 700MWh by 2020. Additionally, the company has achieved an energy density of more than 400Wh/kg, compared to new generation lithium-ion batteries that boast a capacity of around 250-300Wh/kg.

Unfortunately, details beyond this are sparse. However, the crucial aspect still lies in the fact that, if accurate, the company could soon be able to ramp up its production to supply major automakers around the world. Furthermore, while a capacity of 100MWh is not to be sneezed at, it still only equates to fewer than 2,000 long-range EVs per year.