On Wednesday, Ford announced one of its most ambitious project in the United States along with Walmart. While the American automaker has begun various delivery services with its self-driving car prototypes across the US, this new partnership with Wallmart is its biggest step towards the same.

Reports suggest that the new service will be applicable to a range of goods from Walmart deliveries to customers including groceries, toiletries, and other goods as well. Postmates, which is already a mutual partner between Ford and Walmart currently lets the automaker get the latest self-driving pilot program rather quickly.

This will also prove to be beneficial for the leading retailer, adding to its growing delivery options. Walmart currently uses personal shoppers to gather a customer’s order while Postmates deliver the goods. With the new collaboration, Ford will use its research vehicles to find out the likes of customers that opt to use the delivery services.

Before this, Walmart had partnered with Waymo to offer a few store discounts for the ones who were involved in its “Early Riders” trial. On the other hand, Ford has also run delivery services in Florida for tacos and pizza which were flagged off this year. Last month, the automaker announced it will be the first to bring self-driving cars to Washington, D.C. as it expands its operations from Detroit, Pittsburgh and Miami.