Ford has touted the upcoming Bronco as a 2020 model and has planned to introduce the model by next year. Apart from the Bronco, we have also learnt that the company is planning on revealing a smaller ‘baby Bronco’ sibling as well.

Now, a few photos that were leaked from a recent Ford presentation to its dealers has found its way to the internet. The images that come from a photoset discovered by shows us the front, the side and the front quarter view of the car.

From what we notice, the design looks buffed and near-minimalistic. We couldn’t help but notice the dimensional similarities that the model has with some of the Land Rover products.

Up front, the car sports LED running lights and a big FORD badge for a slightly retro touch. We also expect the car to be available with an off-track package calling for chunkier tires and wheels. More than a wagon, the visuals clearly suggests that the Baby Bronco would be more of a four-door crossover. We are not sure about its off-road capabilities yet. Still, the “Authentic Off-Road Capability” slogan displayed on the screens promises more than a gussied-up Ford Edge.