As a part of its initiatives towards providing additional zero-emission modes of transportation for consumers, particularly among city dwellers, General Motors has planned to launch a new brand and line-up of electrified bicycles beginning in 2019.


E-Bike marketing manager Jennifer Cathcart stated that the first two products under the line-up will include two compact and foldable electrified bicycles. “What we’ve seen recently is there’s a real appetite for multimodal transportation,” she said. “And with these e-bikes, we’re introducing an innovative first- and last-mile commuting solution.”

“They’re engineered with the innovation and know-how of General Motors engineers who have deep experience in drivetrain technology,” she said, adding that more details about the products will be available early next year.

After announcing that the first two bikes without a nameplate, the American auto giant launched a contest on Friday to name its line-up of bikes at The company, according to Cathcart, is looking for a brand name that can be “easily understood and appreciated by urban commuters” around the globe.

Reports suggest that the winners of the contest will be decided by a panel of marketing experts from GM as well as it partnering agency, Isobar. The winner will be awarded a sum of $10000 while nine other participants responsible for runner-up submissions will each receive $1,000, the company said.

“What we’re really looking for is concepts that are smart, provocative and bold and bring this vision to life of a future where bike commuting is really a preferred form of transportation,” Cathcart said.