In an effort to actively discourage reckless driving and stunting in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi Police has released a series of warnings and hefty fines in connection with such illegal acts.

Motorists found violating the law will be punished as they are not only endangering their own lives but also putting other road users at risk. Earlier this week, a driver was fined AED 50,000 for reckless driving and drifting on Abu Dhabi roads.

Acts such as clicking photos of rain from behind the wheel of a moving car are also liable for punishment. Image

Drivers caught driving in a reckless manner, drifting their vehicle, stunt driving will have to face legal action. People caught gathering, watching, or filming these risky acts or sharing them on social media platforms will also be subject to legal prosecution.

The new legislation is part of Abu Dhabi Police’s strategy to curb road accidents and traffic violations on the streets of the capital. Fines are also issued if motorists are caught clicking photos or selfies while driving, taking pictures of traffic accidents, or even taking photos of rain while at the wheel of a moving vehicle. Black points are also attached to the licences of these individuals according to the severity of their violations.

Abu Dhabi police intends to make the streets of the capital of the UAE safer by imposing fines for such actions which can potentially lead to accidents, creating traffic jams that can last for hours on end, disrupting the rhythm of the city.