Iconiq Motors, the EV sister company to Dubai-based W Motors, will reveal the Level 5 fully autonomous car in January. The pitch is that it will have an “optional” steering wheel.

Iconiq Motors is soon going to become the talk of the town after the bold announcement it has made regarding its autonomous electric car. Developed under the project moniker L5 (no prizes in guessing its origin), the driverless car will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the United States in January 2019.

The project L5 is fully electric as well as fully autonomous.

Level 5 is the highest grade of autonomy a vehicle can achieve. It is defined as “steering wheel optional” with “no human intervention required at all”. W Motors chief Ralph R Debbas told The National, “The autonomous car is a very special project we’ve been working on locally here in the UAE. It’s the first Level 5 fully autonomous vehicle, fully developed in the UAE as well, and electric.

“It’s going to lead the way for Expo 2020 to have cars driving around the Expo and showcase the UAE flag as the first country in the world to develop Level 5 autonomous cars,” he continued. “We are working in partnership with AKKA Technologies and Microsoft Global to implement the most cutting-edge technology. This is the info that can be shared for the moment.”

Iconiq Motors intends to beat global biggies like Tesla and Waymo in the race to achieving Level 5 autonomy.

While major players like Tesla Motors have been working on Level 5 autonomous technology, Debbas is confident that Iconiq Motors will beat everybody else to the introduction of the tech. “Many companies are working on the Level 5, currently having already launched the Level 4,” Debbas says. “However, we are aiming to be the first autonomous Level 5, to come out from the UAE and the Middle East.”

Story And Images Credit: The National