American luxury automaker Lincoln has bucked the trend of a tepid market for high-end cars by reporting a double-digit sales growth rate over the year till now.

Lincoln’s GCC director Sarah Rae said in an interview with Arabian Business that the company’s sales are up “approximately 20 percent across the GCC.” Sales of the Lincoln Navigator have “tripled.” “We’re all sold out with the Navigator,” said Rae. “You’d see even more of them on the roads but the fact is that strong demand has created global supply challenges for us.”

Lincon Dubai UAE
The Navigator full-size SUV has seen unprecedented demand in the UAE, challenging even Lincoln to raise supply proportionally.

The Navigator SUV is the seventh car model the luxury brand has introduced in the region after embarking on a sales revitalisation programme in 2013. According to Lincoln, sales set a record high in 2018 with more Navigators delivered to customers in June this year than in all of 2017. “What’s been important for us with luxury customers is, of course, the product, but also the distributors who have been investing in experiences and training. That’s been a major part of our success,” Rae continued.

She also highlighted the changing consumer preferences worldwide. “Globally people’s preferences have changed. Where 20 years ago you would have had either cars or trucks, the SUV has blurred the lines, and consumers are showing us that’s what they want,” she said. “And so even in the premium and luxury market, the product is following the consumer.”