Toyota may have plans for more TRD models in the offing after the recently-unveiled Avalon and Camry TRD variants. The company could also make all-wheel-drive an available option for its lineup.

Jack Hollis, vice president and general manager of Toyota Division at Toyota Motor North America said in an interview with AutoGuide on Thursday that he wants to see every Toyota offer a TRD variant. He added that he loves the TRD brand and enjoys learning from motorsports teams to help improve the firm’s road cars.

“If we can bring it to every car and SUV and every truck, I think we should,” summed up Hollis. So which Toyota could be up next for the TRD overhaul? The Corolla is the likeliest next-in-line model. Hollis said such a car has passed the consideration stage and there is “intention and development” happening. It could finally give Toyota a proper rival to the new Honda Civic Si.

Toyota Camry Avalon TRD Dubai UAE
The Toyota Camry will be the first model to get all-wheel-drive as an available option.

Hollis also said that future TRD models wouldn’t simply be standard cars with bolder bodywork and a big spoiler sticking out the back, but would offer meaningful performance as well. To support the claim, the new Avalon and Camry TRD receive chassis reinforcements and new shock absorbers for improved dynamics.

Toyota could also offer all-wheel-drive on all its cars too. Hollis spoke of the possibility to include AWD as an option for every car in the future. The Camry could be the first to get the feature with more products continuously adding the option. The C-HR would be left out from the AWD benefits in the near future due to undisclosed reasons. “You have to stay tuned because some new things are coming up,” said Hollis.