While scepticism still lingers among customers towards fully electric vehicles, stringent emission norms around major markets are pushing major auto giants to take up electrification. Amid this hustle-bustle, automakers are cracking their brains to inch their vehicles as close as possible to combustion powertrains to match its convenience and availability.

However, Rivian might have put that argument to rest with its new pickup truck. Let alone trucks, the new R1T, that was debuted on Monday at the LA Auto Show, could set a new benchmark for all the EVs around the world, and its numbers are staggering.

Rivian promises a mileage of more than 640km on the pick-up truck that will be delivered with the help of a 180kWh battery pack. Apart from the range, the car is capable of touching triple-digit speeds in about three seconds; something that we usually witness in supercars indeed. Charging from nought to 80 percent takes place in 50 minutes on a DC fast charger.

Being a heavy duty vehicle, Rivian claims that the truck offers a maximum of five tons of towing capacity. Rivian has not put a price tag on the machine yet, but the vehicles are expected to be offered in different battery sizes, ranging from 180 kWh, 135 kWh to 105 kWh. The range of the smallest battery pack will deliver a maximum range of 370km while the mid-seated variant will go up to 482km.