Uber announced on Monday the relaunch of its services in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the capital’s Department of Transport.

The ride-hailing company said that under the relaunch in the capital of the UAE, Emiratis will be able to drive on the Uber app using their private vehicles on a part-time or full-time basis. Mohammed Darwish Al Qamzi, General Manager of Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) said, “This agreement underlines our commitment to achieving the forward-looking vision and aspirations of our wise leadership in transforming Abu Dhabi into a global leader in smart transportation.”

“With Uber, we are delighted to be able to provide reliable and convenient transportation solutions to residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi. All private/public vehicles and driver partners are supervised under ITC’s regulations and meet the required standards and licensing requirements,” he continued.

Motorists signing up for the Uber Partner Program can press their private vehicles into service. Image: Washington Examiner

Anthony Khoury, regional manager for Uber Middle East said: “We’re proud to announce the relaunch of Uber and bring our technology to all residents and visitors in the emirate. Our collaboration with ITC is a positive result of our continuous work with the Abu Dhabi Government to provide innovative transportation solutions across the Emirate.

“Abu Dhabi is a significant market for Uber and we’re delighted to serve as catalysts for economic growth, and for Emiratis to be able to drive on the Uber app using their private vehicles. With the re-launch of our services in the Emirate, and the launch of Uber Eats there earlier this year, we can cater to local demand and remain committed to our goal of providing efficient and innovative solution to the communities we operate in,” he added.