British automaker Vauxhall has announced a staff restructuring involving a potential lay off of close to 240 jobs through 2019.

Reports citing internal sources at the company confirmed that the restructuring was not in-phase with Brexit and that the company was slimming its workforce due to the introduction of new technologies.

The Cheshire based plant currently employs close to 1,145 employees. On November 23, the company started a 45 day consultation period with the trade union and employee representatives to ensure that the consequences of the restructuring would be phased in throughout the course of next year.

This primarily means that the company is aiming to make the lay-offs voluntary and will be offering the employees the option and necessary support to relocate to its Luton plant if they choose to.

Earlier this year, the Opel-owned company had announced that its Luton plant would produce not only the next Vivaro van but also its PSA alternatives, the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch. According to reports, this is set to ramp up the overall production output from 70,000 to 100,000 units.

At the moment, the Ellesmere Port currently manufactures both the Astra hatchback and the Astra Sports Tourer. This makes up for about 92,000 cars a year, 90 per cent of which are exported to other markets. However, despite lesser staff, the company expects to retain the same output figures for the upcoming year.