The Volvo stand at the upcoming Los Angeles Motor Show won’t feature any new cars. The Swedish automaker will instead use the event to explore what the future holds for the concept of a car.

Volvo had a lot of interesting cars on display at the 2017 Los Angeles Motor Show. This year, the company is breaking the mould. The focal point of Volvo’s stand at the LA Convention Center will be a simple sign reading ‘This is not a car’.

Volvo product strategy chief Marten Levenstam said the decision was inspired in part by the event organisers which labelled the show’s press days as Automobility LA. The press days incorporate a series of events exploring future car technology. Levanstam said that Volvo “got the memo” and wanted to “start a conversation about the future of automobility.” Which is why instead of bringing a car, the firm will talk about the concept of a car.

This will be Volvo’s central theme at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

Volvo’s stand will feature interactive displays focusing on services it is developing for the future, including connectivity, autonomous driving, and in-car delivery services. The automaker has previously highlighted these same concepts and services with the 360c autonomous concept. Tech firms like Amazon, Google, and Chinese firm Baidu have also linked up with Volvo for a series of trials.

The stand will also highlight its planned ride-sharing scheme and Care By Volvo service, a subscription offering it believes could account for half of its ‘sales’ in the future.