Abu Dhabi is now home to the world’s first-ever BMW M5 Competition performance saloon. And this is no stock (if you can call it that) version.

According to the dealer at Abu Dhabi, the world’s first BMW M5 Competition comes with a full AC Schnitzer overhaul. The body kit for the go-fast saloon consists of a bespoke carbon fibre front spoiler trim, a rear diffuser, a front splitter, rear roof spoiler, and a pair of side skirts.

The AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW M5 Competition is sharper, more powerful, and looks meaner.

The boot lid now sports a carbon fibre ‘Racing’ rear wing. A new exhaust system and springs have also made their way to the car. Gloss black highlights adorn the front grille, mirror caps, and rear bumper. Inside, the custom paddle shifters are also finished in gloss black.

The BMW M5 Competition makes 617hp and 750Nm from its 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8. It rockets to the ton in a mere 3.2 seconds and crosses the 200kph mark in 10.8 seconds. While this performance is enough to get high-powered corporate men to their high-powered meetings, the M5 Competition with the AC Schnitzer kit will ensure you are definitely the first one to get there.

The interiors of the stock M5 Competition and the AC Schnitzer model are nearly identical, with only paddle shifters finished in gloss black differentiating the AC from the stock.

The host of updates given to this particular car have altered its performance. The AC Schnitzer M5 Competition now pumps out 690hp and 850Nm. This translates to a boost of 73hp and 100Nm over the stock car!

If you are of the opinion that the BMW M5 Competition lacks a little bit of punch, then the AC Schnitzer car is the one for you.