After proactively getting ready to raise the curtains on the first of its EVs, Bentley has pumped the brakes stating that it wants to wait for battery technology to advance.

Talking to Automotive News, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said that the company was waiting for the battery tech that embodies the current automotive scenario to advance a bit further in order to produce an electric Bentley with “credible” driving range. This, according to him, will be achieved by the company around 2023 or 2025.

Bentley CEO, Adrian Hallmark
Bentley CEO, Adrian Hallmark

He added that the company’s models are too large and that the current battery power density would limit its size of the EV. From what we see, Bentley seems to have eyed on something that would be bigger than Porsche’s Taycan, or an Audi e-Tron GT.

Reports clarified that the halt period does not mean that the company was pulling the plugs on its electrified ambitions. In fact, Hallmark said 40 percent of the brand’s customers have considered or would consider an electric car. He noted that such a vehicle would likely intrigue buyers who currently don’t shop ultra-luxurious brands such as Bentley.

Hallmark had clarified that Bentley would not produce any more sports cars. In the same breath, he reiterated the fact that the first ever EV in its line-up will not be a sports car. “I don’t believe we need sports cars,” Hallmark said. “Within the Volkswagen Group, there are enough sports cars.”