In the light of growing need for petrol in UAE’s newer residential communities, the Emirates National Oil Company Group (ENOC) has now introduced its first concept of the first portable petrol station in Arabian Ranches. Designed to cater to the residents living in residential communities, the pilot station is equipped with one tank fuel dispenser and a vending machine.

Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Enoc Group CEO, said: “four more stations are underway and set to be completed in the first quarter of 2019. Each fueling unit can be dismantled, relocated and reinstalled at locations in just 30 days. The 30,000-litre tank at the compact station can provide fuel to around 400 cars per day.”

Enoc group stated that four more stations were underway and set to be completed in the first quarter of 2019

Unlike traditional petrol station, the fuel tank of the portable station is stored above the ground which can be reassembled and moved to different locations. Additionally, the stations will also offer several smart-pay options as well. The company claims that the double wall design and the build of the tanks are certified to international standards and the community’s surveillance cameras are connected to the petrol station as well as the security centre.

The compact station is equipped with solar PV panels along with a host of advanced technologies that contribute towards enhancing its energy efficiency. Among them, the new vapour recovery system enables the recovery of up to 70- per cent of gasoline vapour emissions.

Cafu delivers Super 98 and Special 95 fuel on request that can be made through the app

Earlier in November, Cafu, a Dubai based app launched their services for an on-demand fuel service with the help of an app. The service delivers Super 98 and Special 95 fuel on request. As far as convenience is concerned, we think that this might be a great way to please road users in newer residential areas which have reportedly faced a shortage of fuel stations recently.

“Our objective is to always charge you the same amount you’d pay at any of the petrol stations for regular and premium petrol, along with a small delivery fee,” Cafu said. Customers will be charged AED 18 for each delivery.


(Image credit: Yalla Motors)