Ford has shown the world why its decision of killing off sedans was justified with its trucks hitting new sales records nine months in a row.

Ford had made a bold decision earlier this year that its sedans were going off the lineup, except for the Mustang. We now know the reason behind the move. Ford has sold more than 70,000 F-Series pickup trucks every month for nine months in a row, which is a new record. On the other hand, the company only sold 36,204 cars in October this year.

This means the Blue Oval is selling almost twice the trucks than all of its other cars combined. The monthly sales of trucks translate to roughly 2,333 trucks every day. Ford SUVs also hit the 70,000 unit mark in November. This just goes to show why the company will be putting its hatchbacks and sedans to bed over the next few years. The stats for the SUVs include sales of the Lincoln Navigator and Nautilus, which have themselves seen healthy sales performance recently.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Dubai UAE
The sales figures show that a major chunk of customers preferred the more expensive trims of SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator.

Additionally, November sales figures for the Navigator show that 88 percent of the premium full-size SUV’s customers bought it in Reserve or Black Label trims. That means almost every customer who bought a Navigator spent more than $85,000 on their SUV.

Despite the impressive statistics, total vehicle sales were down 6.9 percent this November year-on-year. Truck sales faced a 2.3 percent decline, while SUV sales shrank by 4.9 percent, and car sales saw a massive 19.5 downturn. Perhaps the fact that Ford has stopped advertising its cars except for the Mustang is to blame for the nosedive.

Although the popularity of SUVs and trucks has been consistent for many a year now, it is surprising to see such robust sales figures for the segment considering the hefty average transaction prices for them. Perhaps Ford was not unfounded in deciding to axe small cars from its lineup after all.