General Motors has reinstated the lead engineer behind fifth and sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro to lead its newly created electric-vehicle group.

Car and Driver on Friday reported that Al Oppenheiser was shifted to the electric vehicle segment as the automaker wanted to move some of its best talents to electric cars as it now focuses on zero-emission vehicles.

“We have launched the final variant of this generation of Camaro, so the time is right for Oppenheiser to shift his focus to electric cars,” Albano told the magazine.

Chevrolet Camaro

According to reports, Oppenheiser is expected to work on a variety of new electric vehicles and not on a specific model. However, the automaker did not throw the possibility of an electrified performance vehicle as a part of Camaro’s chief, outside the window.

In an interview in September, Oppenheiser admitted that the Mustang has been eating the Camaro’s lunch. Adding to this, he highlighted the importance of greater focus on entry-level models is meant to help recoup some of the nameplate’s losses, including a new Camaro Turbo 1LE.

Following Oppenheiser’s reinstatement, GM has chosen current Executive Director of Performance Variants, Parts Accessories, and Motorsport Engineering, Mark Dicken to fill the power vacuum. However, it is not yet clear how close Chevrolet is to launch the seventh generation of the Camaro, but the next iteration of the car is expected to reek of Dicken’s fingerprint all over it.