Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced its investments in Italian plants worth $5.7 billion, including a plan to steer away from slow-selling, unprofitable vehicles and refocus on popular ones.

The plan leans more on luxury crossovers than other models. Part of the plan includes producing an Alfa Romeo compact crossover at the FCA Pomigliano plant. The factory currently only produces the Fiat Panda entry-level crossover. Alfa Romeo confirmed its crossover would make it to production at FCA’s strategy announcement in June.

In a statement released on November 29, FCA’s COO for Europe and emerging markets Pietro Gorlier said that the conglomerate would leverage the Jeep Renegade’s platform for the Alfa Romeo crossover. The same platform also does duty under the Jeep Compass and Fiat 500X. Gorlier also said that the Jeep Renegade will feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain in 2020, which will make its way to the Alfa Romeo crossover.

Alfa Romeo Crossover Dubai UAE
Alfa Romeo’s roadmap until 2022 involves seven new cars, all of them offering some level of electrification and autonomy.

Alfa Romeo has another, bigger crossover under development that will rival the likes of BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE upon launch. The big luxury crossover will arrive in 2022. Alfa Romeo will use a stretched version of the Stelvio to base the new product upon, with Maserati using the platform to offer its own small crossover.

The nearly six-billion-dollar plan also includes plans to develop a modular electric car platform. This platform will underpin a next-generation Fiat 500 EV. FCA’s Melfi plant will commence production of the Jeep Compass for the European market under the plan. FCA will also introduce more electrified options across its portfolio of brands.