The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has entered a formal partnership with three global startups in the fields of autonomous mobility, asset management, twin digital technologies, and artificial intelligence.

The first of the three partners RTA has signed an MoU with is Einride. This Swedish company is in the business of developing driverless trucks, which RTA can leverage with an aim to lower congestion on the streets of Dubai. The MoU with Einride covers licensing, autonomous transport services, and carrying relevant technological tests in Dubai.

RTA inked the second MoU with Opinsta Ltd, a UK-based firm that operates in the field of asset management. Opinsta will deliver two services to the RTA: asset tracking and new solutions for Lost and Found items.

RTA MoU EinRide Swim.AI Opinsta Dubai UAE

SWIM.AI is instrumental to RTA's overhaul of the Enterprise Command Control Centre.

SWIM.AI from the US is the third startup to have signed an agreement with the RTA. It is a startup specialising in the use of digital twins and artificial intelligence applications to streamline the RTA’s data. The partnership with SWIM.AI will help the logistics business as well as the Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3) of RTA.

These partnerships align with RTA’s efforts to make an active contribution to the Dubai Future Accelerators strategy. These agreements form a part of RTA’s efforts to realize the future objective of the government through capitalizing on innovation. The objective is to encourage innovators and boost their role in the sustainable development seen by the UAE across various streams. This perspective is fully compatible with the objectives of the Dubai Future Accelerators.

RTA MoU EinRide Swim.AI Opinsta Dubai UAE

UK-based Opinsta will be RTA's asset management partner.

RTA’s contribution to Dubai Future Accelerators programme identifies the challenges encountered by the authority. RTA has been actively exploring the best innovations to establish and test an integrated smart autonomous mobility network. It is also exploring the use of digital twins’ technology and machine learning in decision-making in addition to improving the experience of public transport riders by providing clean fuel technologies.

RTA is also actively seeking to develop sophisticated technologies to tackle the climatic challenges of Dubai and maximize the satisfaction of residents, tourists, and visitors from all over the world.