Uber might be kicking off its ambitions in the e-scooter segment with the latest acquisition of Jump. Reports citing sources inside the company suggest that Uber ‘recently’ held talks to buy Bird and Lime, two of the biggest names in scooter sharing.

Uber currently tackles scooter shortage that has reportedly limited its growth in certain markets. This would additionally help the company snap up vulnerable competitors who are still scrambling for funding.

There has been no official word regarding the acquisition, but reports suggest that the ride-hailing company would finalise the deal by the end of this year. While Lime and Uber declined to comment, Bird chief Travis VanderZanden said Bird was ‘not for sale’.

We learn that there’s certainly pressure for Uber to make a move, Lyft’s scooter business is still relatively tiny, but it also just completed its buyout of Citi Bike operator Motivate and now has the largest bike-sharing network in the US.

Uber recently announced its relaunch in the Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the capital’s Department of Transport. The company said that under the relaunch in the capital of the UAE, Emiratis will be able to drive on the Uber app using their private vehicles on a part-time or full-time basis. Mohammed Darwish Al Qamzi, General Manager of Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) said, “This agreement underlines our commitment to achieving the forward-looking vision and aspirations of our wise leadership in transforming Abu Dhabi into a global leader in smart transportation.”

“With Uber, we are delighted to be able to provide reliable and convenient transportation solutions to residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi. All private/public vehicles and driver partners are supervised under ITC’s regulations and meet the required standards and licensing requirements,” he continued.