Coming July, Bentley will celebrate its 100th year of operation. And the British carmaker is evidently excited about it. Last week, it teased a photo of a centenary celebration model that will be revealed in its entirety at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

While there’s not a lot to infer from the top-down close-up shot of its badge on the said model, it is widely speculated that the model could be a homage to its founder W.O. Bentley who wanted to build a sport focused model. And the sportiest model in the company’s current lineup is the Continental GT.

The first of Bentley's creations that was showcased at the 1919 London Auto Show was its own chassis.

Bentley has enjoyed a rich heritage in the automotive space ever since W.O. Bentley first registered the brand in 1919. The first of its creations that showcased at 1919 London Auto Show was its own chassis. Deliveries of cars based on the new chassis commenced the following year and Bentley sure turned heads with the product, affirming its expertise in coachbuilding. However, Bentley’s success was hampered by the Great Depression that eroded its sales in the latter part of the decade, resulting in a prolonged halt of production. Eventually, it was taken over by Rolls Royce in 1931 after being unable to pay its debts.

On the other hand, Bentley is one of the most prolific luxury car brands in the world, recently tasting success with the launch of its first-ever SUV, Bentley Bentayga. The company’s celebration, however, is not limited to the upcoming centenary model. Ahead of this in 2018, the British brand dropped the covers on a special edition Mulsanne that was limited to 100 units. Each of this model sported a slice of the original crankshaft that was seen in the 1930 8-litre Bentley that was owned by the company’s founder W.O. Bentley. These Bentleys have also been fitted with special touches to highlight the milestone.

The British brand dropped the covers on a special edition Mulsanne that was limited to 100 units, earlier in 2018.

This was alongside a massive 30kg book depicting Bentley’s evolution through the years. The ‘Bentley Centenary Opus’, as the name suggests, was not just a history book. The British carmaker claimed that Opus, the book’s publisher, was given exclusive access to the company’s designers, engineers and executives. Additionally, a portion of the book also looked at how the brand plans to define the premium automotive space in the next century.