Until now, BMW’s i division for electric and hybrid cars has been best known for extraordinary designs like the i3 hatchback and i8 sports coupe. Going forward, BMW will tone down the styling of its future EVs to make them more palatable to consumers.

BMW was recently spied testing a prototype of its first all-electric car, the iX3. Aside from a sealed grille, a flap concealing the charging port, and missing tail pipes, the electric crossover looks much the same as the X3, its conventional sibling.

The BMW i4 looks quite reserved in its design as opposed to past cars from BMW's i division.

Recently, a fresh bunch of spy shots show that BMW is working on another EV to follow up the iX3’s launch. The test mule wears a conventional four-door sedan shape, and seems to have no flashy, bold bodywork. The car’s design is still very much BMW, but the firm has made subtle tweaks to it to differentiate the electric sedan from its petrol-powered sibling.

For instance, the nose is long and the front wheels are pushed way more forward. You can see a grand tourer-style rear hatch and quarter window. The roofline is low and drops down at the back drastically, almost like a Gran Coupe. A few subtle references to the i Vision Dynamics concept also make their way to the prototype, like the slender headlamps.

The BMW i4 will play the field against Tesla and Porsche upon its launch. Mercedes-Benz is also busy developing its own EQS luxury electric car, while Nissan has already showcased a concept of its own take on the segment. The range of the i4 is expected to be around the 450km mark on a full charge.

The test mule's Gran Coupe silhouette is apparent from its sharply-raked rear windowline.

BMW has promised it will launch the i4 in 2020. As a final inference, the EV could be pricey in exchange for offering such an impressive claimed range. Tesla’s longest-range EV is the Model S 100D that retails between AED 295,000 and AED 560,000 in the UAE.

Spy Shots Credit: Autoblog