BMW is giving serious thought towards knocking McLaren off its perch by introducing a flagship super-sports car in its range of models. The new car will aim squarely at the McLaren 570S, integrating the best of BMW’s technology in electrification, weight reduction, and new materials.

The i8 is currently BMW’s premier electrified sports car while the new8-Series assumes the role of a traditional flagship GT. BMW is unlikely to introduce a direct replacement for the i8, although it has not confirmed the same publicly.

BMW Hybrid Sports Car Dubai UAE

The range-topping BMW sports car will make use of the lightweight architecture present on the i8 hybrid.

A new super-sports car would serve as an upgrade from the i8 or an indirect replacement. It would have a significantly higher price point and more power, sitting at the top of BMW’s M cars. Klaus Fröhlich, the board member for product development at BMW, said: “If you are an engineer, once in your life, you want to make a super-sports car. I think partial electrification will enable that.”

The super Beemer could arrive by 2023, using a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain and the i8’s existing lightweight architecture. We could be looking at a combined output of 700hp from the new Bavarian, which would make it the most powerful BMW on offer when it goes up on sale. Fröhlich also talked about the potency of BMW’s electric motors, saying the PHEV units will have more than 197hp and up to 512Nm within a few years.

BMW Hybrid Sports Car Dubai UAE

BMW will be capable of extracig as much as 197hp and 512Nm from its new electric motors in a few years.

“So if you see this e-motor in a car which can give you in milliseconds the push formerly found in a V8 engine, then you can have a very sporty feel from this power PHEV – and it fits perfectly to the M brand,” he said. Were BMW to make such a car, it would cost more than the i8 and target cars like the new Honda NSX, McLaren 570S, and Lamborghini Huracan.

Featured Image Credit: Autocar