Autonomous driving technologies and new electric vehicles took centre stage at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Infiniti had its latest concept on display at the show: an electric crossover.

Christened as the QX Inspiration, the new model marks Infiniti’s 30th-anniversary celebrations after Nissan launched the brand at NAIAS Detroit in 1989. The QX Inspiration will spawn a production model which will be the first to use Infiniti’s modular electric platform. More electric cars will follow the crossover in the future.

INFINITI QX Inspiration

Reports suggest that the platform will also offer series hybrid powertrains which Infiniti is calling e-Power.

Infiniti unveiled the platform in April 2018. The company suggests that the platform is capable of featuring parallel hybrid as well as pure, battery-electric powertrains. Models that will employ this platform are expected to have a maximum of 400hp on tap with about 480km of range on a single charge.

Reports suggest that the platform will also offer series hybrid powertrains which Infiniti and its parent company Nissan is calling e-Power. Models which will feature e-Power technology will be able to charge their batteries by a combination of energy regeneration and internal combustion engine acting as a generator.

QX Inspiration Sketch

Infiniti has packaged the batteries of the new platform in such a way that it can offer a flat floor in the cabin.

The Infiniti QX Inspiration stretches 4650mm in length, measuring similar to its rivals in the same segment such as the Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Benz EQC. Carrying forward the EV ethos, the crossover sports clean lines and surfaces on the outside.

Infiniti claims this new platform offers plenty of space inside the cabin, accommodating the batteries in the chassis. This will enable Infiniti to design a flat floor in the QX Inspiration crossover. It will conventionally be a four-seater and will feature high-end, hand-crafted materials that follow Japanese tradition.

With the QX Inspiration SUV concept, Infiniti might have compensated for its late entry into the EV segment. Old-timers such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz showcased their electric cars in 2018 with production slated for later this year. Infiniti has a long way to go with its EV plans, but the QX Inspiration looks like a solid first product from the brand.

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