On Wednesday, Ford President of global markets, Jim Farley confirmed that the company was planning to launch a fully-electric F-series to counter future plans of Tesla as well as new entrants into the EV segment such as Rivian and Atlis.

While speaking at the Deutsche Bank Global Automotive Conference in Detroit, Farley confirmed that the company’s popular pick-up segment will feature battery electric and hybrid iterations in the future.

“We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series—battery-electric and hybrid,” he said, the Detroit Free Press reported on Wednesday.

Ford F-150 UAE

Farley added that the entry of F-series into the EV arena will help ‘futureproof’ the segment which currently returns a major chunk of its sales.

Ahead of this, the automaker had previously confirmed plans for a hybrid F-series, specifically the light-duty F-150. However, this was not the first time it has mentioned an electric truck. Apart from that, Farley added that the entry of electric F-series into the EV arena will help ‘futureproof’ the segment which currently returns a major chunk of its sales.

The automaker sold more than a million of them worldwide in 2018, but a new breed of electric trucks could have the potential to upset things. While Tesla has been quiet on plans for its own pickup, new entrants such as Rivian and Atlis have already dropped their nukes confirming staggering specs that are comparable in some cases better than what F-series truck currently provide.

rivian r1t uae

Rivian R1T

For instance, the Atlis XT was unveiled with a promise of 2267kg of payload and 15,857kg of towing capacity. The truck will stand tall with 15inch of ground clearance and will be able to power tools on the worksite. In the same breath, Rivian already has a factory and could most likely hit the market with the R1T as early as next year.

Tesla can expect a series of walloping attacks in the coming times with major automakers around the world stepping up its game in the electric segment. This news comes a few days after General Motors announced that its subsidiary Cadillac will lead its EV plans in the coming future.