Chinese automaker Geely has been toiling in quiet determination towards making a new world-class product. It loos like the firm finally has such a product on its hands in the form of the Geely FY11.

The moniker ‘FY11’ is an internal code at Geely for the new coupe SUV. Geely teased the FY11 through a set of images that leave a lot to be uncovered. The same images show some tantalizing details as to how it would appear and what it has to offer that is unique.

The Coupe SUV shares some design elements with the Bo Rui GE sedan that Geely recently added to its product range.

The silhouette of the Geely FY11 clearly signals that this is one car built to go after the likes of BMW X4, Mercedes-Ben GLC Coupe, and the XC40 from Geely’s own subsidiary, Volvo. The wide and confident stance, dramatically tapering roofline, and the stubby rear end make for a distinctive fastback SUV shell.

The FY11 also picks up some features from the Bo Rui GE, which Geely recently added to its lineup. The Chinese fan-inspired taillamps, the brand’s signature expanding universe grille, and the unique ‘digital arrow’ DRLs up front come together to impart the fastback SUV its own identity in a sea of funky crossovers. The grille is wide yet slim enough to blend in with the overall design without hurting its subtlety.

Geely and Volvo jointly developed a new platform called the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). CMA was developed at the China-Euro Technology Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. To date, only the Volvo XC40 used the underpinnings, and the firm Lynk & Co to some extent. The Geely FY11 sists on the CMA, resulting in leaving behind a small footprint.

The Geely FY11 shares its underpinnings with the Volvo XC40. The two firms co-developed the platform.

Geely might have a winner on its hands if and when the FY11 enters production. A crossover that looks as good as svelte German cars of the same segment, yet not as expensive or large has to be a win-win for any carmaker, no?