Global EVRT, the firm actively engaged in bringing about a perception shift regarding electric vehicles on a global scale, is returning to Dubai for its annual eMobility forum.

eMobility Forum Dubai is primarily an interactive congregation designed to help business and government leaders gain optimal benefit from the rapidly accelerating electric and autonomous vehicle revolution.

Global EVRT Middle East Dubai UAE

Global EVRT has scheduled the Road Trip Midle East before the eMobility Forum that will take participants across the UAE and Oman.

Global EVRT uses a mix of peer-to-peer discussion, decision-maker engagement, and groundbreaking insights from industry, business, and government experts. This combination helps attendees at the forum to create a roadmap and action plan for successfully going electric.

The eMobility Forum Dubai will also see prominent personalities in the regional automotive industry as keynote speakers. They include Eleni Kitra, regional head of financial and automotive at Facebook, Ben Hill, former vice president of Tesla Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Deepti Mahajan Mittal, programme leader at WWF, Mohamed Zainal, head of section engineering innovation at Dubai Police, among others of the same calibre.

What can we expect at the eMobility Forum Dubai?

Presentations about a sustainable, electric, and autonomous future will be followed by interactive panel discussions and a case study by Enel Foundation, which has collected some of the most detailed global research on the impact of electric mobility.

The forum will also host roundtable discussions among the various industry stalwarts with an aim of aggressively promoting green, sustainable mobility in Dubai, followed by the rest of the world. It will also look closely into the digital and physical infrastructure of Dubai and whether it is ready to handle a massive shift in automobile purchasing sensibilities.

Global EVRT Middle East

Global EVRT conducts road trips across the world along with conferences like the eMobility Forum Dubai.

Why should you attend the Forum?

Since the Global EVRT Forum is highly interactive, visitors to the event can benefit from direct discussions with people from the government and public sector, businesses, industry sectors, startups, NGOs, and like-minded individuals with a passion for promoting electric mobility.

Global EVRT will be hosting the eMobility Forum Dubai on 24 January 2019. Passes to the forum are on sale, with early bird registrations available until the midnight of 11 January 2019.