Several electric cars were on display at 2019 NAIAS Detroit, with many manufacturers promising their own EVs sometime in the future. Lincoln is among these manufacturers, confirming that it is making an electric car based on Ford’s Mustang-inspired EV.

Ford announced in 2018 that it was going “all-in” on EVs following the appointment of Jim Hackett as its new CEO. Hackett formed ‘Team Edison’ to oversee electric car programs. He also diverted one-third of internal combustion engine investments to electric cars. Ford is still investing more in the former than the latter.

Lincoln electric car

Ford's new Mustang-inspired electric car will be the donor for Lincoln's new EV.

The Blue Oval confirmed that its first next-generation electric car will be inspired by the Mustang. Lincoln went on record recently that it will use the EV to release its own luxury electric car. Kumar Galhotra, former head of Lincoln, now serving as Ford’s president of North America confirmed the project, saying the Lincoln electric car will look different from Ford’s.

“You can make beautiful vehicles in different ways. The BEV technology gives us so much freedom to sculpt that vehicle exactly how we want it. We’re going to create elegant Lincoln BEVs,” Galhotra said. “You have a lot more flexibility. It’s not so much if we’re going to be aggressive or not. It’s how do we use all those pieces of technology to deliver on the brand essence of Lincoln, which will be understated, quiet luxury.”

There is no news on when the Lincoln EV will make it to production, but Ford is entering the market in 2020 with its new product. Lincoln confirmed its EV right after Cadillac made the same announcement.

Lincoln electric car UAE

Lincoln is taking baby steps in the EV space by offering plug-in hybrid variants of its new and upcoming cars.

While it is heartening news to see two of America’s top luxury brands promise an entry into the EV market, the fact remains that both of these carmakers’ first electric cars won’t be launched before 2021. By that time, Tesla will have gone further ahead in terms of level of technology and offerings.

German EVs are also on their way, with Audi and Mercedes-Benz bringing one each this year to the market. Volkswagen is going to flood the EV market with multiple offerings. Amidst this flurry of launches all over the world, how will Lincoln and Cadillac fare? Only time will tell.