Exactly 106 examples of the Speedtail will exit the production ramps at McLaren by 2020. And, in order to make the moniker even more special, McLaren is now trying to help its customers juice their creative muscles by releasing a small design collection to showcase the possibilities of customizations on the car.

While there are numerous ways in which the moniker can be modified, McLaren on Friday showed six photos of company-curated examples of Speedtails with personalised themes called “Stratosphere,” “Astral,” and “Bloodline”. Reports suggest that each theme is a part of a collection in the Colours and Materials Inspiration Story that McLaren provided its customers to help them think about how they want their cars to look on arrival.

McLaren Speedtail Stratosphere

The ‘Stratosphere’ theme as the company says is a part of the Urbane collection, which it describes as ‘discerning and refined’. Inside the cabin, the Stratosphere calls for cool-hued materials. A metallic light blue driver’s seat that is flanked by two light grey passenger seats can be seen in the front and centre. Apart from this, Navy blue-painted edges and contrast stitching accent the light blue and grey. The cabin carries a rather airy feeling due to the brushed light blue anodized aluminium bright-work.

The Astral theme is a part of McLaren’s Visionary collection that it calls ‘striking, moody and opulent’. The Astral theme calls for warm colours inside as well as outside the car. This is a nod to England’s nautical history, especially with the navy blue interior. Outside, the car features an orange paint scheme with silver pinstripe. Interestingly, its badges are finished in carbon fibre and 18-carat white gold.

McLaren Speedtail Astra

Inside the cabin, there is nubuck leather passenger seats and a driver’s seat that is upholstered in full aniline leather, all done in navy. The upper portions of the cabin are trimmed in a bespoke Nebular quilted and digital print nubuck leather.

Finally, the Bloodline theme that is derived from the Dynamic collection as modern, bold, sporty, and futuristic. The Bloodline suggestively gets full aniline red leather, with white semi-aniline leather for the passenger seats. Additionally, the steering wheel trim, paddle shifters, and window and door bezel surrounds are finished in carbon quartz.

McLaren Speedtail Bloodline