Hyundai Motor Group has revealed a new technology that assists hearing-impaired drivers. Two separate driving assist systems work together to replace sounds with visual or tactile cues with the help of advanced sensor and artificial intelligence technology.

The two systems in question are called Audi-Visual Conversion (AVC) and Audio-Tactile Conversion (ATC). Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the common factor between them, enabling them to analyse sound patters outside the car and transmit equivalent cues through vibrations in the steering wheel.

hyundai driving assist technology for hearing impaired

Hyundai's 'Quiet Taxi' recognises ambient sounds and converts it to tactile and visual feedback for the driver.

Pictograms displayed through the head-up display are also used to alert the driver and explain hat the system is hearing. The steering wheel is equipped with multi-coloured LEDs that include navigational information while driving.

For instance, the new Hyundai technology could alert the driver of emergency vehicles by recognizing the sound of a siren. It then vibrates the steering wheel as an alert and displays the appropriate pictogram on the HUD. It also translates vehicle sensor data, such as when reversing the car, so the driver knows how far the car is from obstacles without relying on the warning beeps.

Hyundai demonstrates the technology through a video called ‘Quiet Taxi’. The campaign video emphasizes the value of ‘freedom of mobility’. Hyundai is taking efforts to enable hearing-impaired drivers to drive freely and safely using innovative developments. Hyundai also developed an application as part of its goal to enable communication between passengers and drivers who are hearing-impaired.

hyundai deaf tech promo uae

Multi-coloured LEDs on the steering wheel also provide feedback from the AVC adn ATC systems.

Artificial intelligence is truly a significant piece of technology that has empowered a lot of businesses and individuals across the world. What would have been deemed fictional or impossible just five years ago is rapidly becoming commonplace, or at the very least, under development. Hyundai’s latest technology just goes to show the wide range of applications that AI can be put to, in order to enrich the lives of hearing-impaired drivers in this case.

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