Nissan Middle East has continued its upward trajectory in the region with growing sales, market share, customer satisfaction, and brand power. 2019 is set to be an even better year for the firm as it looks to build on the growth achieved in the previous financial year, while contributing to shape the future of mobility.

Nissan is anticipating growth in sales of smaller and more fuel-efficient derivatives of its cars such as the Nissan Patrol V6 or Nissan Kicks. Rising fuel costs and increasing awareness about the economic and environmental advantages of fuel-efficient vehicles is driving customers towards sustainable cars. Nissan is also working with emerging technologies to improve its eco-friendly credentials.


Nissan backs up its claims with results. Nissan LEAF EV is the 2018 Green Car of the Year.

The concept of sustainable mobility is steadily gaining momentum in the UAE, acting as one of the key focal points for the automotive industry in 2019. UAE Vision 2021 aims to make Dubai a smart, integrated, and connected city that is fully sustainable with tis resources and clean environmental components. A federal mandate stating 10 percent of investments in new vehicles to be directed towards electric and hybrid cars by 2020 will greatly help in encouraging consumers to shift to sustainable methods of transportation.

The UAE government deserves credit for supporting electric vehicles, outlined in a strategic roadmap to greener roads in late 2017. Incentives for EV buyers include free public charging stations in Dubai until the end of 2019, complimentary parking spots, exemption from congestion charges and a waiver on registration and renewal fees.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Strategy aligns perfectly with the UAE’s focus on intelligent and sustainable transport solutions. Nissan launched its global strategy in 2016, defining the way cars are powered, driven, and integrated into society. As testimony to the strategy, Nissan LEAF is the world’s bestselling EV having clocked over 372,000 sales to date.

NCI Kicks hero UAE

Nissan forecasts consumers shifting to smaller, more fuel-effiecient cars in 2019, like the new Nissan Kicks crossover.

The importance of technology as a social equalizer will be UAE’s focus in 2019 as it gears up to host the biggest sporting and humanitarian event of the year, Special Olympics. Access to transportation and new technologies have been vital to providing autonomy and independent mobility for People of Determination. Nissan is confident that the 2019 Special Olympics will bring heightened awareness across the world of how technology can be used to ‘level the playing field’.