Abu Dhabi Police has added another layer of capability to its impressive fleet of patrol vehicles. The new patrol ATV was added to the fleet as part of the UAE month of Innovation Initiative.

The specialized ATV will be used to chase down runaway vehicles that might take off over rough terrain where regular police couldn’t go. Sandy and remote areas, farms and agricultural areas, rough terrain – this new quad can travel over any surface thanks to its specialized components and purpose-driven design.

Abu Dhabi Police inducted the ATV in its fleet as part of the UAE Innovation Initiative Month.

In a statement issued on Abu Dhabi Police’s Instagram handle, the force added that the ATV is also equipped with a digital smart camera integrated with an intuitive chip that automatically keeps updating stored information. Such technology could come in handy recognising and cross-referencing a runaway driver’s face against Abu Dhabi Police’s data of known and wanted persons. The patrol ATV driver could be notified of who he is chasing down on the fly through this camera system.

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Powertrain details have not yet been disclosed, although there is a good probability the ATV could sport an electric motor for propulsion. For now, armed with advanced technology and capability, the ATV is another worthy addition to the Abu Dhabi Police fleet of exceptional vehicles.